United By Blue

United By Blue 3 oz. Log Cabin Out-of-Doors Candle

Hand poured in Philadelphia, this soy wax candle has a warm, spiced scent with hints of orange peel and ginger. With hand-drawn labels and colored glass, this candle looks almost as good as it smells.


  • 3 oz. candles burn for 10+ hours
  • GMO-free soy wax burns clean, with no toxins or pollutants
  • Cotton wicks
  • Domestic glass and paper
  • Hand poured in Philadelphia, PA

How to Recycle:

Once your candle has burned through, here's how to clean out the wax to reuse the glass container.

  • Very carefully fill the glass container with boiling water (stop just short of the lip)
  • Allow the glass container to soak (wax will float to the surface and harden as it cools)
  • Once wax has hardened, remove it from the glass container
  • Wash away any remaining wax with soapy water