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Boston is an iconic running destination. From the cobblestone streets to the Boston Marathon, if you're into running, you'll love running in Boston. Here are three destinations to put on your running itinerary. But remember: running isn't about staying on a path. It's about feeling free. If you see a side street or far off vista that looks better than where you're headed, then explore. (Legal disclaimer: if you get lost that's on you. We're just trying to inspire you, not get you lost. If you're going to explore, explore responsibly. Alternatively, you could get really good at orienteering.)

1. The Charles River Reservation Running Loop This 27+ mile loop is multi-use, which means if you crank your music and run in the middle of the path you might get clipped by a cyclist. Even without music cranking, it's easy to get distracted on the Charles River loop. Running along the river takes you through college campuses like MIT and gives you a view of the famous Shell sign. It is a distinctly Boston experience.


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2. The Emerald Necklace Trail Experience classic landmarks of the greater Boston area with this 14+ mile loop that takes you to sites such as Commonwealth Avenue (Comm Ave), Jamaica Pond, and the Arnold Arboretum.


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3. Franklin Park Zoo 5k If you're looking for a classic 5k / 3.1-mile route run by thousands in the Boston area every year, head to Franklin Park Zoo. Don't worry, it's not actually a zoo. Although formerly a zoo, today it is a park with wide open green spaces and decrepit cement-and-metal cages that make you feel like you're running through a post-apocalyptic (or at least post-zoo) world where the Great Apes made a great escape. Click here for more.

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