October 31, 2018 3 min read

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, few people knew about Havasu Falls, Arizona besides the Native Americans who have called this canyon home for centuries. Now 300 permits a day are issued to hikers hopeful to explore the area around these sparkling blue-green waters, and that is far smaller than the demand. There’s no doubt about it— Havasu Falls is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in the U.S.

Thanks to social media, everyone wants to make the trek to Havasu Falls, Arizona and snap their own photos of this now-famous view. If you are one of the lucky few to nab a permit, you’ll want to be completely prepared so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

A Kavu Rope Bag for Havasu Falls, Arizona

The permit system at Havasu Falls doesn’t allow for day hikes. Instead, you must stay overnight according to the rules set out by the Tribal Council who run the Havasu Indian Reservation on which falls sit. That means you need to pack your gear in and out, unless you pay extra for a group tour or mule train. You aren’t just prepping for a big backpacking expedition, though.

While you’ll certainly want your camping gear and plenty of water, you’ll also want a daypack for exploring the area around Havasu Falls once you make it the ten miles in from the trailhead. That’s where a Kavu Rope Bag comes in handy.

The Kavu Rope Bag is a big, comfortable day pack that will let you tote the essentials while you find the perfect vantage point for your next ‘gram. It’s just the right size for your water bottle, sunscreen, spare battery charger, a Bullet Journal, towel, etc. The broad rope strap will stay comfortable on your shoulders even after a full day of exploring, and it also offers plenty of flexibility in how you carry your load.

That means you can make your way down to Havasu Falls for a swim, go to nearby Mooney Falls a mile hike from the campground, and Beaver Falls, which is three miles from the campground and two from Mooney. You can also visit the village of Supai, the village where the 600 some odd Havasu people still live.


Beyond the Kavu Rope Bag at Havasu Falls, Arizona

There’s a lot more to this outdoor company than just Kavu Rope Bags, though. Kavu also makes tops and bottoms for men and women that will be perfect for staying cool and comfortable even while you’re tackling the backcountry beyond the Grand Canyon. Hikers will love the built-in belt on the Big Eddy short, and the quick-dry fabric. Kavu’s Chilli Lite Shorts for women are perfect for laying with your favorite bathing suit top or tank— they’re part hiking shorts, part swim trunks, so they’ll really come in handy when you’re sweating from the hike in and just want to dive into the clear blue waters under Havasu Falls.

Kavu also offers a number of coolers, smaller bags, and wallets that can help you stay organized in your larger bags and transfer the essentials between your backpacking pack and your Kavu Rope Bag and back again. It’s bad enough forgetting something little when you’re at home and can just run back to your apartment— it’s a way worse feeling to forget something ten miles back at Havasu Falls, Arizona in a remote Indian village that even the postal service can’t reach without mules.

Havasu Falls, Arizona is a tough trip that’s well worth the effort. Put the same thought into planning the gear you’ll carry as you put into snagging a permit, and you’ll have nothing to look back on but good memories and a sense of well-earned awe.

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