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We’re guessing that if you’re here on our site, or stopped by the Roanline brick and mortar store in Asheville, North Carolina that you care about trees. You know, the big beautiful leafy things that make up the forests we love to hike in, camp underneath, and explore. Like you, we love trees, too, which is why we're proud to carry Tentree apparel.

Conscious Capitalism: Tentree Plants Ten Trees For Every Item Purchased

Tentree is a clothing company that loves trees, too, not just for their beauty or as a place to play outside, but for the vital role that trees play in different ecosystems all over the world, and in the communities that rely on those ecosystems. That’s why Tentree plants ten trees for every item purchased, with a goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030.

One of the countries Tentree has chosen is Madagascar, which has been deforested by 80%. That’s created real ecological consequences, making the island more vulnerable to storms and reducing residents’ ability to make a living. By planting trees, Tentree has contributed to efforts that are slowing desertification, making firewood and fruit available to families, and helping rare animals like the panther chameleon, comet moth, and Madagascar’s famous lemurs get their habitats back before it’s too late.

In Senegal, Tentree planted fruit trees that not only help the country recover from major deforestation due to agriculture, but also provide a commodity and food source that help peanut farmers break free from monoculture. That’s good for the land, good for the farmers, and good for Senegal’s economy— and it promotes the kind of long term sustainability that is the backbone of Tentrees mission.

Here in the United States, Tentree has partnered with American Forests and Friends of the Wildlife Corridor in an effort to aid in the reforestation of areas in Texas' Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Their goal is to help repair some of the damage done by massive logging efforts prior to the twentieth century, national parks, and the conservation movement. And those are just three of the planting projects Tentree has committed to in ten countries around the world.

But isn’t it kind of contradictory to fund ecological restoration by selling clothes when the garment industry has such a bad environmental wrap? Tentree thought of that, too, and all their products are made from sustainable materials, from coconut buttons to Tencel and Modal fabrics made from self-rejuvenating tree fibers. In addition, they adhere to ethical manufacturing processes and only work with WRAP approved factories.
That means that when you purchase, say, a new Irvine Full Zip Hoodie, you can have some peace of mind knowing that the trim is made from cork instead of leather (so it’s vegan!), that the fabric is mostly recycled polyester, and that the whole piece was crafted in China by workers who aren’t being exploited. When you pick up the Tentree Fergus Shirtor the Women’s Colwood Pant, you’re not only getting new clothes, you’re also supporting fair wages for workers, stronger communities, and more trees for us all.

We won’t blame you at all if you quit reading right about now and click over to start shopping. You can find all of our Tentree products right here.


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Tony D
Tony D

November 26, 2019

Hemp is a great maker of clothes it’s a wonderful weed Every purchase should be rewarded with a tree A great way to start a trend God Bless this planet

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