April 14, 2017 2 min read

People practice yoga for many reasons. To improve flexibility, tone up, find inner peace, or relieve stress are just a few of those reasons. But no matter the reason--or the season--now is the best time to fall in love with yoga.


1. Clothing makes a big difference

Part of falling in love with any activity is being comfortable. When you seek to start your yoga practice, wear comfy clothes that you like. If you easily get cold, layer a loose sweater on top. And if you’re practicing on a hard floor consider using a yoga mat, blanket, or even bath towel.


2. Recognize you're setting out on a long, rich road

One of the things that holds beginners back is being overly self-conscious. It can be intimidating to look around a room and see seasoned yoginis deep in their craft. But remember that this is not about them--it is about you. If you need a confidence booster, practice yoga at home until you feel you have a hang of the poses, postures, and movements.


There is no need to push your practice prematurely. There are some great videos out there that you can buy or stream online, so you can practice yoga in your own home. And at the end of the day -- everyone started where you are starting. Feel good that you are starting and have so much to look forward to.


3. Develop an accountability system

Falling in love with any activity takes time. To make sure you stick with yoga time and time again, ask a friend to do yoga with you at home or at a yoga studio. An accountability partner is great for both parties, and beyond making sure you stay active it helps reinforce the community side of yoga as well.


4. Switch up how you learn the practice

Sometimes you may not be able to fully grasp the practice of yoga just by following along with a video.


This is when learning from a yoga instructor is most helpful. Taking a yoga class is a great way to enhance your practice. With someone else’s eyes on your form, you can more easily know what you need to change in order to perform better.


5. Practice often

Yoga does not need to be an hour and a half of rigorous intent-laden movement. It can be 20 minutes of upward dog in savasana. It can be micro moments throughout your day. It can be playful--you just have to play with it. And the more often you do play with your yoga practice, the deeper it will stick.

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