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About Us

Our Story

A love of the outdoors...

We have always been passionate about the outdoors. Whether we're hiking, biking or just taking in the local scenery, we're all about getting out there and seeing it. 

...plus a lack of options...

Outdoor living means outdoor shopping… lots of outdoor shopping. While we were outfitting ourselves, we frequently discovered amazing brands on the rise, but not carried by our go-to retailers. These brands were made by (and for) our fellow outdoors-people and had fascinating back stories, compelling founders and a meaningful commitment to giving back to our natural world. Similarly, we noticed the serious lack of offerings for cool, fashion-forward outdoors products for women. (There's only so many times you can buy the men's item before you pull your hair out.) So, after a quick stint in the corporate world, we returned to our retail roots to bring you our favorite established and up-and-coming brands made by incredible people.

...and voila! Roanline was born!

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, Roanline is your destination for the best outdoors (and outdoors-inspired) clothing and gear for women and men. Our mission is to bring you great products and experiences to inspire more adventurous lives spent outdoors. So whether it’s your first hike or you’re planning your next adventure at the local pub, we've got everything you need.  

Get outside. Explore your community. Grab a pint. Find your line.

-Ferrell & Koral Alman, Founders


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